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Kellogg College Summer Programme in Artificial Intelligence

Building competitive advantage with AI: Strategic thinking, operational value, technical insight and ethical application

The Kellogg College Summer Programme in Artificial Intelligence builds on the highly successful and acclaimed Kellogg College Artificial Intelligence Programme. The course brings together leading academics from the University of Oxford to deliver a summer programme in Artificial Intelligence.

The course takes a twin-track approach to the study of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data-Science (D). You will gain:

  • Critical thinking about the Economic, Social, Ethical, Political and Business implications of AI: Opportunities, Risks and Dilemmas
  • A practical, hands-on theme of ‘doing AI for real’ that aims to de-mystify AI/ML/D
  • Develop knowledge and critical thinking to enable attendees to apply the tools of AI/ML/D in an effective, fair, legal and productive manner

The theme will enable you to understand what AI/ML/D is. What are professionals in this area actually ‘doing’ and will equip you to become thought leaders within your organisation.


Sunday 25 August–Saturday 31 August 2024

How to Enrol

Please request an enrolment form at


A World of Opportunity Awaits

An understanding of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Digital is crucial to success in business, government, and not-for-profit organisations.

This programme guides you in identifying specific opportunities and applications for AI/ML/D within your organisation by addressing key questions:

  • What factors contribute to building a competitive advantage for your organisation through this technology?
  • What capabilities does AI/ML/D excel at, and how can they be applied?
  • How do you align those capabilities with the unique needs of your business?
  • How can you ensure your organisation remains ethical, fair and sustainable in its use of this technology?
  • In what ways can AI/ML/D empower your business to explore new possibilities and ventures?
  • Are there untapped areas in your business that could be unlocked with the potential of AI/ML/D?

Learn a structured approach for pinpointing high-value opportunities within your business for leveraging AI/ML/D.

No prior experience in this technology is required.


If you require any further information, please contact