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Is the future of transport electric? We have to do everything, and fast

14 November 2022

A follow up to our news story 'Kellogg Fellow publishes chapter in "The Climate Book"'

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My 'in conversation' with Dame Professor Louise Richardson

9 November 2022

Professor Michie's blog on an evening in conversation with Oxford University's Vice-Chancellor

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How I benefitted from a Kellogg College Travel Grant

11 May 2022

Read how MPhil student Aayushi Gupta benefitted from a Kellogg College Travel Grant

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Profile: Victoria Hummell (MSc English Local History)

15 November 2021

Victoria Hummell is studying for a part-time MSc in English Local History. At 76, Victoria is one of our oldest students.

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The Kellogg College Travel Grant allowed me to showcase our research group's work

10 November 2021

DPhil student Jonas Schöne explains how he benefitted from a Kellogg College Travel Grant Award.

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Courtier, Scholar and Man of the Sword

9 November 2021

Dr Christine Jackson’s biography about Lord Herbert of Cherbury, published by Oxford University Press, examines the life and writings of Lord Herbert a flamboyant Stuart courtier. Here she talks to us about the process of researching his life and works.

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“One of my long-term personal goals is to make an impact on people’s lives and the planet…”

25 June 2020

Kellogg part-time student Marvin Lagonera was fascinated by the culturally diverse city he grew up in the Philippines. The strong historical, religious and political influences affecting the city's growth sparked an interest in urban development and climate change, and led to him applying for the MSc in Sustainable Urban Development programme. 

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A Crowd-sourced Ventilator: It’s not possible... is it?

16 June 2020

Kellogg Fellow Rob Collins describes how he was motivated to set up the Ventilator Crowd project, and use his skills as a Systems Engineer to help in the fight against Coronavirus.

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